29 Sep 2011

Base step by step

Part 1 - building.

Let's try something new.

Step by step tutorial about creating a base for my little barbarian from Red Box Game.
It's a beautiful mini with a lot of character, and well... strong barbarian vibe. But she has no luck for bases so far. I believe this one is third, and hopefully last one.

The final idea for a base is wild, kinda nordic terrain with 'cliff like' rocks,  some roots hanging underneath, and rachitic trees. Maybe a bit of snow here and there? Who knows?
I know that Yrsa 'the Accursed' is almost naked, but she's  a fantasy barbarian after all. Being able to endure low temperatures without proper clothing is part of her trade.

On the first pic you can see materials I'm planning to use. It may change a bit, because at the moment I have no idea how exactly the base will look in the end.
I know there is no 'snow' on the picture, but I’m not even sure if I’m gonna use it. And if yes, how I’m gonna do that. Using baking soda or one of the ready made artificial  snow.

But what you can see is (without too much explanation, because I’m planning to do proper article about various and weird stuff I use for my bases):
- Milliput,
- bark,
- dry pieces of tree’s core,
- tree roots,
- grass roots,
- Vallejo Sandy paste and White pumice,
- gravel,
- ground sponge,
- dry moss,
- plinth I bought  here: MDP products.

OK, time to start. First the main rock, nice and pointed at the end.

It makes Yrsa looks like she’s standing on a cliff, looking far far above the forest, watching over her domain.

But the single rock looks kinda lonely, and the whole base is too empty. So I added another one, slightly under the first rock.

Then some filling with milliput, some ground, few stones and the core of the base is done.
I know it looks empty at the moment, but bare with me, I have a plan.


Time for some vegetation. First few rachitic  branches  growing in the little pocket in the rock (it was a small hole in the bark there, so I just made it a bit deeper to place a plant here.)

And now ‘The Hazel of the Darkness’, a tree growing almost in the naked rock. That’s the reason for it being so thin and crooked.

And that’s more or less all. Later on I”ll add soil (sandy paste and white pumice), grass (Mini natur) and lichen (ground sponge).


Next part - painting:) If I won't forget to take pictures of every step.



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