12 Aug 2012

Textures - crushed velvet

This time I'll try to explain how I did the velvet robe on Menhom Dark Shadow.

I started the robe as plain red. As you can see I even added some initial lights and shadows. But then I realised that this robe is big enough (I'd even say huge) to add some freehand, or maybe texture.
Because initially I was going for old and dusty look, the embroidery, I was going to mimic with freehand, would have to be fairly damaged. I wasn't sure  if I'll be able to do that, so I decided to go with crumpled velvet look.

To do that I decided to try 'doting' technique presented by Alexi_Z in her video tutorial. That was my first try, so the results are far from ideal, but I'm quite happy anyway. I learnt a lot doing that piece, and the next attempt should be more successful.

On the first two pictures you can see the initial shading on the robe. It's not perfectly smooth or too contrasty, but it's OK. I'm gonna cover it with lots of dots.

When I made my mind how exactly I I'm gonna paint the robe, I did a little try on one of the creases to find out If I'm capable of pulling that off.

It looked quite nice, so I started to build shadows.
On the pictures below you can see how I was trying to control depth of the shadows not only by used colour, but also by placing more or less dark dots in the recesses.

Then I started to add dots with brighter colours to create lights. Like with painting smooth surface I was building lights gradually, by change of colour and placement of the dots.

Later it was mostly going back and forth with various shades to build a nice gradient. I used quite a lot of base colour to make shadows and lights less uniform. To soften the transitions a bit and made it look more like a fabric, not just collection of dots, I used some red glazes.

On the pictures below you can see the difference glazes did. Colour is more vibrant, and whole robe looks more consistent.

 And here, finished robe, with some final highlights on the edges.

And at the end, colours I used to paint the robe, maybe someone will find it helpful. I know that I'm using some really old and discontinued GW colours, but you can easily find something similar in other ranges.

Red Gore (GW)

1st light Andrea Flesh Paint Set
Offwhite (70820 VMC)

Liche Purple (GW)
Storm Blue (GW)
Black (70950 VMC)

Washes (GW):
Baal red
Devlan mud
Leviathan purple
Thraka green




  1. I remenvber watching this on her video but never tried as I never spend that much time on a mini. However ,for a first attempt, you did a great job. It looks really beautiful and nicely textured.

  2. Świetny materiał. Czy możesz podać link do tego tutoriala Alexi_Z ? Interesuje mnei jak technicznie wykonałaś te kropki? Ściętym pędzlem?

  3. Tutorial Alexi_Z to jakies 10h ogladania, DVD do nabycia na stronach Cmona (jest tez DVD Jennifer Haley).

    A kropy sadzilam zwyklym pedzlem, nawet nie bardzo zniszczonym, tylko z uwagi na skale modelu wiekszym ciute, chyba nr 1. Natalya (Alexi) maluje glownie skale 28mm, wiec pocina te kropki malym pdzlem i robi je znacznie mniej 'rozbryzniete', ale ogolnie za duzo nie tlumaczy na tym swoim DVD, a nie wszystko da sie wypatrzec, wiec sporo musialam zgadywac i sobie dopowiedziec.

  4. Technika bardzo fajna muszę ją wypróbować.
    Dzięki :)

  5. Powodzenia;]
    Pochwal sie efektami jak cos zmalujes;]

  6. Zdecydowanie ma Pani dużo lepszy warsztat niż te dwie w/w Panie razem wzięte !