8 Aug 2012

Spiderman - mission almost impossible!!

The word 'almost' is a key here...

I still can't believe I managed to assembly this little bastard. On the left picture below you can see red lines where the mini was cut by the producer. I'd love to shake hand of the person who made that decision... seriously dude congratulations...
On top of that, right arm was a 'tiny bit' too short (check on the pictuers the amount of Milliput I used), and basically I had to guess how exactly should I glue his arms to the shoulders. And to be honest, tight space between his legs didn't left too much room for tweezers.

But after a countless hours of heavily swearing, sweating, throwing the mini back in the box, and even trying to bribe Mr Bombel to eat his head (one little head = one can of tuna, sadly he didn't go for it), it looks like the mini is ready for a primer.
If the primer won't show me any uneven places (you can imagine it's rather tight there around his arms) painting should be piece of cake.
So please, finger crossed guys, and I'm off to my painting station;]




  1. W jakiej to jest skali?
    Czekam z niecierpliwością na efekty malowania :)

  2. W skali? Jakiejs dziwnej z tego co widze na stronce Knight Models.
    1/27 czyli 65-70mm od podloza do oka.
    A na postepy nie ma co czekac z za duza niecierpliwoscia, bo po mekach sklejania nie mam dla niego za wiele cieplych uczuc;p