7 Aug 2012

Medusa - review

Miss Medusa is with me for a while now, so I guess it's time to introduce her to you guys:D

The bust was sculpted by Allan Carrasco, and it's my second piece from this sculptor (the first one is disturbingly detailed but beautiful Succubus), done for Lugdunum Figurines Club for their 10th anniversary. I bought it directly from their website Transaction itself was swift and very pleasant, so I can recommend it to everyone. If you want Medusa for yourself, just send them an email:)

OK, enough pleasantries, let's cut to the chase. Let's take a look at our beauty.
She arrived in a plastic bag covered with paper band, as you can see on the pictures below (the outer box was stuffed enough so the bust was properly secured).

On the inner side of the paper band is something you don't see very often. A short instruction where should we glue all the snakes. It's in french, and I don't understand a word, but it's helpful anyway.

Bust consists of 8 parts: body, head and 6 pieces of snakes. They seem to be rather clean, but some work will be needed after all.

Body is definitely the best part when it comes to the cast, there is just one mould line at the back and few air bubbles at the bottom (they're not even visible when you look at the front of the model, but need to be filled anyway). 
Head is more complicated. Face part is almost clean, with just little air bubbles and other imperfections on the chin, but this part will be easy to clean and I need to mask joining point with the neck anyway, so it's not a problem at all. Snakes on the other hand will need some more serious cleaning up and some work with joining the separate snakes with the rest. But what can we expect? It's very complicated part and I guess some imperfections are understandable.

The joining point seems to be well prepared and both parts fit together very well. Of course I'll have to hide it with some putty but it's in a spot where skin can fold a bit, especially under the chin, so it should be easy to conceal.
At this point I have no idea how much 'fun' will bring attaching snakes, but I'll find out soon enough (and of course will share the knowledge with you;p)

At the end I tried to take some pictures of snakes heads, to show you how detailed they are, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to see anything;]

I'm not very good at scoring miniatures, and all that, but I do like that bust. I find the quality good enough and I hope that I'll have some fun painting it.
And hopefully this little review will be of any help to you.



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