22 Jul 2012

To WIP or not to WIP

Recently I've been thinking about my WIP photos. About how rarely they look any good.
I must admit I'm quite messy painter, and I tend to work on all parts of the mini almost simultaneously, so most of the time my miniature look kinda messy with all these sharp edges between lights and shadows, unfinished parts and missing elements. Sometimes it's even hard to tell what is ready for evaluation and what's just the base colours.

Here are some of my examples:

Maybe I'm doing myself more harm than good publishing WIP photos, maybe it would be better not to show them at all? Publish only finished pieces?

And what's your opinion about WIPs? Do you post them for your own works, or rather not? Do you like to watch how works of other painters are developing in time?



1 comment:

  1. Oglądanie WIP'ów daje możliwość podpatrzenia warsztatu malarza, stąd lubię je oglądać. Sam pokazuje je tylko raczej jako "zajawki: tego na d czym pracuję (no chyba, że to jakiś tutorial to zupełnie inna sprawa....).
    Wrzucaj WIP'y bo można się na nich czegoś nauczyć od Ciebie!