21 Jul 2012

From Hall of Shame to Hall of Fame

Yay!! I managed to finish one of the minis from Hall of Shame!!
I must admit, this one was fairly easy, as I did most of the painting almost a year ago, and put it on the side because I lost all my heart for this mini. I was hoping that at some point it will pass and I'll be able to finish it.
Sadly it didn't, so I decided to fix the biggest issues (like the missing shadow under the mini) and put it on the shelf with other finished miniatures.

So here he is, Marquis de Carabas
from the SMOG, a Victorian Fantasy range by Smart Max.

If you're interested how I did the base, you can check my articles about candles and bones.




  1. Nice work! The article on candles is much appreciated as I´m going to put some candles floating on a water surface in my current project. ;-)

  2. :) I'm glad I could help.