20 Jul 2012

Pegasus Project - time for the Viking

Few more elements of the Viking are close to completion.

This time I was working on:
- the metal parts, the helmet and hauberk (at least from the front, the back will be hidden behind the cloak). Not sure yet if they're ready or not. Maybe I'll have to push the contrast a bit more, or add more battle damage on the helmet.
- belts and other leather parts (except of the shoes). As usual I'm quite happy with how they turned out, but it's nothing special, simply worn belts with a lot of damaged edges and surfaces.
- gambison (this quilted thingy between his shirt and hauberk). To be honest I was going for cold shade of red with this element, and as you can see it turned more purple than red, but I think I can live with that. It's not exactly natural shade of red and I couldn't find it on the picture of medieval shades used by Vikings (after www.vikingsonline.org.uk) but I read on the same page that pink was fairly common, so I should be ok with the historical truth.
- shirt, for now it's simply white (or rather white-ish, as pure white clothes were very expensive in the middle ages) but I'm thinking about adding a freehand at the bottom. Something rather simple, just to accent this boring part.
-trousers. I still can't make the decision whether I want them more blue or gray. But this part needs lots of work anyway, so I can change the hue easily.

The other thing I'm not sure about are tapes around his trousers. I guess red is not the best colour here, so I need to repaint it. But should I paint it offwhite, any other colour, or maybe do the freehand to imitate braids used by the Vikings? Something like on the pictures below?

What do you think?



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