21 Nov 2011

Oils step 1 - shopping:D

I just pulled my act together and went shopping for oils. I decided to literally go to the shop (Atlantis), not buy online, because I had no idea what to buy and I was hoping that someone will help me to choose the right stuff.
But apparently I've choose the wrong store, because no one even paid any atention to the lost girl between the shelves. Well, maybe they've just assumed I'm an artist in a different state of mind or something... it's an art store after all:)

Anyway after a short struggle I managed to buy:
  • Daler - Rowney Georgian oil paints - starter pack and few additional colours
  • Winsor & Newton Drying Poppy oil - bright colours doesn't yellow when using poppy oil
  • White spirit
  • Few cheap brushes
  • and 3 not oil related dry pigments:)

Colours I bought should give me quite a lot options when it comes to mixing, at least at the beginning:
  • Some 'primary' colours: white, black, yellow, red, blue, green
  • And few fleshy, reddish, brownish.

And now I'm just staring at this stuff and have no idea what to do next....;p

Here is a handful of  links about oil painting, to make this post at least a bit useful:

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  1. Oh yeah! Oils are great. Used some R&D "Burnt Sepia" for weathering the sub of "The Wave out of Nowhere". Worked like a charm. But be careful ... oils can be very anoying too ... especialy on white T-Shirts!

  2. Thx for the warning:) And even I don't wear white, I'll try to be cautious with them.