14 Nov 2011

Hussar 2K!! :D

I guess everything was allready said about that event so I'm just gonna post here links to galleries and reports:
Official page
Official gallery  -  my Anton isn't that green in rl (as you can see below)
Official report
Maru's photos  - I'm that redhead btw;p
Slawol's photos 1 - award ceremony
Slawol's photos 2

From me I can only add that I had a lovely time and it was a real pleasure to meet all those people, I know from CofC, in flesh. Social side of the event (which is the most important to me) was trully awesome:)

And I was lucky enough to bring one of the beautiful golden Hussarettes home.
My Anton won gold in Large Model category, and I'm really proud of him:)

The second mini, Yrsa the Accursed wasn't  lucky enough to even get the first cut, but to be fair, she didn't really deserved it anyway.

And don't forget that next Hussar 2012 will be next October!! So make a note in you diary, and  reseve some time for that event already:)



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