30 Nov 2011

Every girl loves shopping part 2

Second bunch of my last purchases (and prizes):

Smart Max, Mauser Earth: Reichdoktor Hans Schafer (1/12)
(as a result of random prize in Smart Max painting contest, Thx guys:D)

Smart Max: Cornelius Fauchelevent
(as above)

Smart Max: Jeremiah Crow
(as above)

Red Box Games: Myrianna of Aelfheim

Red Box Games: Svjanostroir the Seeker

Red Box Games: Astrid of the Stones

Roberto Chaudon: The Grinder
(I've alerady posted a review about this piece, awesome bust I must say)

I'm still waiting for this one, but hopefully I'll get it in my hands soon.

JMD miniatures: Demon
On my 'must have' list for ages! But now I should have it in a matters of days
(if not one of the online stores will have very very difficult few days;p).

And that wrapes up my minis bought in 2011.
I promissed to myself I'm not gonna buy anything more this year. Only 31 days left, so I should be able to keep that promise:)



  1. Some real beauties in that list there Marta :)

    The JMD Demon and Grinder bust are particularly to my taste! Cant wait to see you painting them :D

  2. Me too:D
    but first I'd like to get that demon in my hands. I hate waiting for delivery....

  3. No, widzę, że jest na co czekać. Powodzenia w malowaniu :)

  4. Tiaaa, malowania na dlugie miesiace;p A ja juz robie liste na nastepny rok (pierwsze dni stycznia:P)