5 Apr 2012

The Grinder vs Oils - WIP

Finally I decided to try oil paints. I bought them months ago, but never find enough courage to use  them on a mini.

First impressions?
OMG!!! It's weird!!! Seriously, it's completely different than acrylics. I have no experience with oils at all, so I'm mostly guessing.
And I guess it wasn't the brightest idea to try it on a competiton piece;p Finger crossed, I won't mess it up totally.

I  touched leathers, skin and hair (and that last one was a mistake;p)

You probably noticed that the contrast on the leathers is much bigger than on the skin... It's because on the skin I use acrylic method of adding shades and lights. I was trying to gradually add shadows, and that's definitely not the way.
With leather elements I just used two very contrast colours and the blending just happened in the middle:P And the effect is much better.
I'll try to fix skin first thing tomorrow.



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