30 Apr 2012

BMSS Nationals - London 28/04/2012

The day before yesterday I was at BMSS annual show in center of London.
British Model Soldier Society is a bunch of very friendly people with a common interest in historical miniatures, mostly soldiers.
But they were kind enough to let all the fantasy painters to take part in their competition in one of the non-military categories.
I was lucky enough to pick up two trophies: Silver for Andrea's miniature, Menhom Dark Shadow, and bronze for JMD's bust - Anton the Infected.

If you want to see more bigger pictures of the minis, here they are:
Menhom Dark Shadow
Anton the Infected




  1. Taaadaaa! Congratulations! Smooth paintjob on both minis! This post should be label with "award" ;-)

  2. Nicely done Marta! and well deserved :D

    You must be getting used to this 'winning' thing by now! Bet you werent as shy this time ;)

  3. Thx guys:D
    and I added another label:d

  4. Well done.

    I like your site too - though I don't know how to comment on Blogger!