5 Mar 2012

Monsters, monsters... WIP

My little monster bottle is progressing quite well I think. The 'face' part is almost ready. Still eyes will need some more attention, few touches to clean the area a bit, and of course gloss varnish. But there is the whole back of the bottle to take care of. I'm planning to try and recreate at least some prints from the real Vallejo paint pot, maybe mixed with some Maow stuff, but I'm not sure if I can manage to do barecode properly. If not I'll try something else.

The other one, Raggarth, is not such fun to paint. The shade of blue I took for skin is tricky for me to work with, and I still struggle with the shining (the layer of dullcote didn't help, maybe it was too thin?). But leather elements and the bones on his elbows and neck look good, and metal parts at least promissing, so maybe I won't trash it yet:)

That's how it looks at the moment.
Below you can find photos from earlier stages, almost back to the  basecoat.

As you can see, the skin doesn't look much better now than on the oldest photo. Sure there are some delicate highlights and shades, but there is still work to be done and lots of it.



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