22 Mar 2012

Cancan dancers and other minis - WIP

Like Slawol rightly noticed, armless Menhom looks more like a skeletal cancan dancer not an ancient and powerfull undead warrior.
Hopefully with arms and weapons in place he'll restore more formidable look. But for now he's gonna stay in this more amusing state. I need to finish the dress first, and because I got big plans for it, poor Menhom can be armless for a quite long time:P

And maybe later I'll think if there is a chance of converting another Menhom into an ancient cancan dancer:P

Not too many changes here. I just added metallics, redo leather to get rid of the metallic paint outside metal parts and worked a bit on the red thingy on his head.
I'm still not sure if I should do the leather dark, worn and a bit shiny or more matt and fresh like it is now. I really like the matt look of the fresh leather, but all depends on how it's gonna look with the skin.
So next stop with this not so little fella - base skin tones:D


  1. I like the "dancer" colour, especially the metal parts!What colours did you used? The shoulderpads texture are really good too! Sorry for my bad english:)



  2. For metal parts recently I'm using Mr. Color Super Metallics, and a lot of different washes. For now I used Super Iron for a base and washes: Devlan mud, Thraka green, Asurmen blue, Ogryn flesh (GW) and sepia from Vallejo.