14 Aug 2013

Wetblending is girl's best friend

And now, after the 'theory' of workshop it's time for practice on some real pieces (those I'm gonna finish at some point in my life;p).
First photos of what I've done right after the workshop:

On my Einstein (ein Stein to be precise) I was working mostly on his shirt.
Of course the inscription on his back is far from being finished, but I'm quite happy how the orange turned out. But now, with my beloved Burgundy Wine back in stock I can finish his face:D

Here I decided to repaint the whole skin and start again using Apa's advice.

And that's the photo before the changes :

As you san probably see at this point the contrast is slightly lesser, part of that is caused by the different light. But truth to be told, I did decrease it on the 'muscle' level to get the chance to increase the general level of contrast. From this point I'll be working on every muscle separately to increase contrast of the individual parts of the body.
This is gonna be my first mini painted new way, so finger crossed I'll be able to pull it off.




  1. Wow.. nice work on these so far. I really like how vibrant that Orange came out though! Very nice work there!

  2. MR. Einstein's apron looks especially cool... Also the skin tone is marvelous, somehow natural tone suits some orcs better than the muted green.

    1. Thx:D
      The skin is still pretty much WIP, I hope it will look good finished:D

  3. Fantastic work, great details...