13 Aug 2013

Long time no see and the workshop in Cambridge

WOW, that was a long break in posting, few more days and it would be a month;p
But even thought I didn't post anything here, this time wasn't completely unproductive. I did some painting, some new reviews that gonna be published soon, planned few more pieces, and, what's most significant, took part in my first painting workshop. Full review of the weekend, written by Redrum-Jay from Warpaintstudios,you'll find in next issue of Figure Painter Magazine soon.

The workshop was organised by The Weekend Workshop and run in a nice little shop Inner Sanctum in Cambridge and run by a very talented painter Chris Octive (aka Apa).
From my point of view, I can say, that it was a great weekend indeed. I had a wonderful time with my friends (old and brand new), painted for 2 days straight and of course learned a great deal.
I was mostly focusing on wetblending and enchancing my contrast, so hopefully my next pieces will be even smoother and contrasty;]

Below you can see few photos from that weekend, taken by our host John Harrison (aka Darkmessiah), more you can find on the facebook page of TWW

Here are photos of the ogre I was working on taken at different stages of painting:

And here photo of the same miniature taken in more controlled condidtions:

I was focusing mostly on his back and left arm and chest and must say I'm pretty happy with the contrast. Judging by results of other painters my ogre was the least saturated, but I guess that's just my style;]

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