30 Mar 2013

Demon (Evil Miniatures) - review

Today I will show you one of the last minis I got in my hands, Demon sculpted by Vlado Turek who's the man behind Evil Miniatures.
I found the mini on the PlanetFigure forum a while ago, and simply couldn't resist (and trust me I was trying:D).

The Mini:

Name: Demon
Manufacturer: Evil Miniatures
Sculptor: Vlado Turek
Material: Resin
Scale: 1:32 (65mm tall, 49mm to the eyes) 

The box:

In the box: 
As you can see from the photos above, parts are secured with rather thick cartboard box and few layers of bubble wrap. On top of that parts are placed in small plastic bags, so there is no chance something will get lost.

Quality of the cast:
On the first glance after removing parts from the bags, cast seems to be absolutely crisp and flawless. Under further examination I managed to find few small mould lines:at the back of his legs, at his back and one little below his back:D (the last one will be covered with the fabric stripes though). Front of the mini and other parts, as far I can tell, are free from any mould lines. 
I found also few airbubbles under the surface of the mini. There is only few of them, placed at the back of the thighs and on the chest (the sufraces facing up while the mini was casted I guess), and they're small and easy to fix. 
There is a little bit of flesh on his claws, but it goes away under a fingernail. Shoulderpads and fabric stripes are clean and pretty easy to detach from the resin bar, even though some cleaning of the detached surfaces is necessary.

As far I can tell at the moment, assembly of this model will be easy and very straightforward. Parts fit together nicely, and Valdo made sure to make it for us as easy as possible.
He even made sure that the places where we need to attach demon's arms are hidden under some sort of armbands, so no filing is required whatsoever. Shoulderpads and stripes of cloth also fit really nicely, and only minimal amount of putty will be required to hide the joint.
On the photos below, you can see some details of the cast and assembly.

Overall opinion:
(Once again I'd like to remind that the opinion is absolutely subjective and based on my copy of the mini and my personal, slightly twisted, taste)
I must say it's a great miniature, I absolutely adore the sculpture and I'm really happy with the quality of the cast, packaging, and 'customer care'.



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  1. Wicked miniature, I can't believe that I missed it... hmm might need to pick one up as well :D