24 Mar 2013

Best freehand ever:D

Quick WIP of one of my many many projects... Bloody Yoda from Knight Models.
Quite an early stage, clothes are just mess after trying new technique (not really working thb;/), but the face is almost ready. Of course there is still some work to be done but at least you can see features of his face... And that's all freehand, seriously. At the poto below you can see him just after priming. only the nose and right eye are more or less visible... Left eye is just a blob, mouth... is somewhere under the nose. And tbh that's the face after an exchange;] The first cast it was just one porous blob instead of the face... So I must say, I'm proud of his face now, and of my freehand skills;]




  1. That face looks awesome... and the cloak looks textured-dirty in a nice way... if that is "not working" I don't want you to see my models ;)

  2. Wow the freehand on the face is awesome! Kudos! I like the texture on the cloth but it might need to be toned down with a few glazes... still a cool mini so far