19 Jan 2013

Urmuth - belt buckle

Folowing one of my friend's advice, I decided to rapaint the buckle on Urmuth's belt. I tried to make it look like a gray gem. And here are the results.

I know that photos aren't that great. But I had to do them with on camera flash. Lamps would be in danger, as my cat's were displaying unbelievable levels of hyperactivity. So I had to be very quick and pray that they won't demolish anything;p Of course there was small accident. Mila was trying to lick mr U so hard, so he ended up on the floor, hence destroyed ends of his horns.

But anyway, he's in one piece again, nothing irreversible happened, and here are the photos:

Suprisingly I must say, the wooden axe handle, even though not finished yet, doesn't look too bad in such an extreme close-up. You can see some beginnings of the wooden pattern.
The gem itself isn't too bad as well. I might need to fix the highlight on the top, but other than that I'm quite happy.

And what do you think?




  1. awsom work. In real life look even better then on picture

    widzialem go w realu wyglada jeszce lepiej niz na zdieciu. mam nadzeje ze niebawem znow sie w sferze spotkamy ... chyba sie pzrezuce na nico wieksze modele. wiecej z nimi zabawy ;)

  2. Napewno bede sie pojawiac na spotkaniach jak tylko praca pozwoli;]
    A duza skala jest duzo fajniejsza do zabawy, daje wiecej mozliwosci, ale tez niestety duzo wiecej wymaga. No ale tez daje wiecej satysfakcji;]