18 Jan 2013

Urmuth - another small update

I did some more work on Urmuth. But because it might not be so obvious at the first sight, here is the list of what I did:

- I fixed his eyes a bit - still suck but a bit less;p But in my defense it's awkward part of the sculpt
- I did horns, and I'm really happy with them
- I did the ribbons around his horns
- I painted this weird thingy on his skirt (the one with triangles)
- I shaded the bottom of the fur
- I was working on the fabric on the handle of the axe, but now I think I need to repaint it (probably gonna do old leather here)
- I was working on the handle itself, but it's not there yet. I'ts kinda silly that the wooden handle is so thin here (axe itself looks quite massive and heavy) but I'm not gonna fix the sculpt. I was thinking painting it like metal element, but there is splitted wood at the end, so it needs to be wooden. I guess I can assume it's some sort of magic stick or something;p



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