21 Jun 2013

JMD Medieval bust - review

As promised, first from many, review of a beautiful medieval bust by JMD miniatures.
The mini portrays (judging by the hauberk) a knight from early middle ages.
Very simple, just the armor and face, without too many eyecatching details, this bust is a great piece to present skills in painting faces.

The mini:

painted by: Daniel Ipperti

Name: Medieval Bust
Manufacturer: JMD Miniatures
Product code: JMD034R
Sculptor: Jean-Marie Daniel
Range: historical
Material: resin
Scale: 1:10

The box:

I am fully aware that the box on the photo doesn't belong to the mini I'm talking here, but all of them are exactly the same. Plastic box with the mini in a plastic bag, and smaller bag for smaller parts. Not the most secure packaging, I know. But luckily for me all ordered miniatures arrived undamaged.
On the other hand it might be the packaging provided by the middle man.

In the box:

These two little bits of resin on the side, are the leather strapes to be glued on the right side of the face. Of course you need just one, but I guess the second one is in case the first one breaks, as they're really thin and fragile

Quality of the cast:
At the first sight cast seems to be very clean and crisp. No visible mould lines, or air bubbles. The only issue visible was the 'base'. As you can see, there is a massive thingy on the bottom and front of the base. It's not a problem for me at all, because I'm planing to get rid of it immediately.
But... upon a more diligent scrutiny, I found out that the face is not that perfect at all. There is a rough surface on the nose of the mini, and eyes are not the greatest part of the sculpt,especially the left one. There is a deep hole near the inner corner of the left eye, and both eyeballs need some cleaning as well, and there is a little crack at the top of the nose.

It all can be fixed, with a bit of care, but after checking some of the photos in internet, I'm fairly sure it's more the issue of the sculpt than the cast. In fact the whole left side of the face seems to be a bit less defined, especially around the eye.

I'm planing to do him as a battered veteran of many battles, so the imperfections on his left cheek aren't the problem for me. I just need to mention that, so you have the whole picture.

The rest of the sculpt is really crisp and clean. Few very delicate lines can be removed with the knife or sanding paper.

Despite the imperfections, the bust is really beautiful and full of character. And with right execution, it will be great addition to every collection.
I can only hope I'll be able to start on this bust soon.

Where to buy:
JMD miniatures

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