13 Apr 2014

Capt'n Sapo finished

I know I didn't even post any  WIP photos of this bust here, but at least I got some photos of the finished project.
The bust comes from a nice range of Figone miniatuers, and recently was a subject of a competition called 'The Sapo Challenge' held by the creators of this little beauty. The comp is closed now, but if you're inerested, you can find all the details and other participants here.

I'm really happy how it turned out. I know of course it could be painted better, with higher contrast or whatever, but I had a chance to work on a different type of textures here, and as always, I learned a lot.




  1. Those eyes are very "Eye of Sauron"...

  2. Outstanding work, as always. To echo the previous comment, the eyes are striking.

    Love the blog. I have nominated it for a Liebster Award. http://minisbyfinch.blogspot.com/2014/04/its-major-award.html

    1. Thank you:) I'm happy you like my painting and my blog. I know I'm not too active recently, but hopefuly it's gonna change soon:)

  3. Lookin really great! I follow your blog, I find it very well done and very useful for a "beginner" like me. Cheers

  4. Za całokształt:


    A jak nie odpiszesz na łańcuszek, to ci pędzle wyłysieją a farbki wyschną ;)