12 Jan 2014

Detolf finally pimped (even if only slightly)

Finally, after many months of thinking about it (and complaining how far the Ikea is, and how inconvenient it was to order it online, you know... so many clicks and stuff;p), I managed to get the lighting for my miniature cabinet. Of course I had to buy few more things 'by the way', i.e. sofa;], but right now I can proudly announce, that I do have some light to shine upon my precious minis.

I know, I know... it's not a major improvement, but I'm happy anyway. And it not only gives some light for my minis, but also adds nice ambient light, so it's win win for me:D




  1. Beautiful showcase and sweet home ambiance !

  2. welcome back :-) in the hobby.
    And I got a question to you: "Have you ever paint a figure comicstile?"

    Best regards,Michael aka Dellolyn

    1. I don't think I ever painted anything in a comic style. I mean in a comic book style not just funny. The funniest thing I ever painted was maow stuff:D

  3. I agree with Sam Wise. That's a nice showcase!

  4. Any instructions on how you achieved the lighting. I like the lights on only one side as they create shape and form on the models.