27 Oct 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

Ehh it's been a quiet month. Hobby wise even a dead month...
I did absolutely nothing.

I tried to paint but I couldn't find my mojo, so I decided I need a break. So for now my brushes and paints are simply waiting for better times, slowly covering in dust and spiderwebs in the meantime.

I had a plan to go to two competitons and I failed misserably here as well.
First one, Hussar, was in Warsaw. Not to close to where I live, but I really wanted to go, seriously. I even managed to fly to Poland, but at the time I was leaving the plane in Swidnik (my hometown) I had a massive cough, runny nose and high fever (all thanks to the awesome plain's aircon and sick people inside). So instead to go to Warsaw, I went straight to bed, and stayed there all 4 days of my visit. Trust me it wasn't fun at all. Even my mum's awesome chicken soup didn't make it much better.

The second competiton was yesterday in Gravesent, basically like half an hour from my place. I was really looking forward to this one, but with the sickness not fully out of my system I decided against it. Cozy bed was way too tempting this time.

I trully hope that this autumn's mood will change soon, and I'll be able to paint again...


  1. Bummer, Marta. That's such a shame to be laid up in bed and miss such great events. I saw the photos for Hussar, and I was blown away!

    I suppose take some consolation in that you have good odds to make it next year, unlike your international followers! Hope you work your way out of the doldrums soon.

  2. Take it as a rest of the warrior! Good luck and give those germs a loud kick...

  3. Hey Marta,
    Any luck finding your mojo? Missing your updates over on Platoon Britannica...

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