29 May 2013

Hendon Model Show 19/05/2013 very brief report

Below you can find few photos I managed to take during the 'Hendon Model Show 2013'. The show took place in Royal Air Force Museum in London on 19th of May.
Sadly there are no photos from the museum itself, or clubs displays, placed between the exhibits, because the lighting conditions were way too poor for the camera. But the museum is pretty impressive and for free, so if you have no idea what to do with a rainy Sunday, and you're around, it's a place worth seeing.

The show itself was rathe small and local, mostly focused on airplanes and military vehicles. What closest to my heart, figures, was gathered in one class: 'Figures: any figure any scale'. As the result we had more than 30 entries, from small 28mm fantasy miniatures, through busts and bigger scale minis to big dinosaurs. But well like I said, figures weren't the main focus there.
But with the lovely kits I bought/won during that day, next year I guess I'll be entering something in other categories as well;]

Some of the results:
Conrad Mynett - first place in Figures with Okie
John Keys - runner up in Space & Sci-Fi  with Newark
Marta Slusarska - runner up in Figures with Viking Chief

Best of show (category scratchbuild)

Group photo of the winners:

Winner in Junior category:

Some other entries:
Photobucket Gallery

Some more photos from John Keys here




  1. Thanks for sharing. It's always nice to read about such events and see pictures of cool competition pieces on display.

  2. I'm always glad if I can help and spread some more miniature goodies photos:)