2 Jan 2012

And for the New Year - some inspirational stuff

As the name of the website says it's all about creatures, monsters and concept arts made by artist serious about creature creation.
I found it few months back, and must say, although sometimes it's quite disturbing, I still  think most of the stuff you can find there is very inspiring. Especially when it comes to various painting schemes and ideas.

 (c) Chun Lo

And ofcourse you can find there artist more or less related to our hobby:

Romain Van Den Bogaert
Christopher Burdett
and probably few more.

And by the way, when you're there, check this guy out, he's so freaking awesome.... Alex Cf. Personally my favourite artist there, amazing works (even though rather disturbing and I wouldn't check his blog just before going to bed:P)
(c) Alex CF, alexcf.com



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